Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Real Vintage Weddings

Well, where to start our sojourn into the blogging world? Well as we’re wedding photographers with a vintage style where better than taking a look at real vintage wedding photos?
My parents got married in a registry office in July 1974. They were young and in love; to me quickly nipping down the registry office when you're barely engaged is very romantic, especially if you side step the fact that my mother had aspirations to be a shop girl and her visa would only allow her to work as an au pair or cleaner.
My mum wore a cheesecloth dress and her bouquet was purchased en-route to the ceremony.

Unfortunately all the photos they have of their day are slightly out of focus. So even if you are nipping down the registry office make sure you have someone with a steady hand to take your wedding photos!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hello, we're just getting the blog in tip-top shape before we begin posting our ideas, tips and of course our wedding photos.