Friday, 24 February 2012

Taking a Leap

Let's rewind four and a bit years to late 2007. My Mr Wonderful and I had been smitten with each other for a few years, had recently bought a place together and life in general was pretty sweet. However I was becoming increasingly impatient about the lack of ring on a certain finger.
Marriage had long before been discussed, and it was a given that one day we would tie the knot. But there seemed to be little sign of an imminent proposal. I dropped hints, nagged and I am embarrassed to admit I even threw a strop (in my defence much alcohol had been consumed)! 

It was during said strop that I turned around to find my husband on one knee with a ring in his hand. So much for a romantic proposal, but hey if you will behave like a brat....

Back to the here and now, we are just a few days away from 29th February and the tradition of ladies proposing on the one extra day that slips into the calendar every four years. And this coupled with the memories of my own impatience has got me thinking, that had 2008 arrived without a proposal would I have begun planning my own Leap Day proposal?

Perhaps, although I wouldn't have known where to start.

But help is at hand for any ladies planning to pop the question this year. The Golden Afternoon Tea Company are offering a free Marry Me Tea and we at Rose Tinted Days have thrown in a free engagement shoot for the winner.

So if you are planning on proposing, or know someone who is, point them in this direction! I think I would have had my eye on a picnic proposal.
Golden Afternoon Tea Company by Thomas Bowles

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