Sunday, 12 February 2012

Treasure Pleasure

The buzz of bagging a bargain has always thrilled me. I’m not talking clothes shopping during the sales, which drive me to distraction. I’m talking about the joy of rummaging at jumbles, car boot sales and the online equivalent of ebay and gumtree. One man's junk is most certainly another man's treasure.

What I love most is that when you set out with a certain, random item in mind and as if by magic you spot it amongst a pile of junk and your day is made. 

A slight obsession over the past year has been flashcards. The older the better. When the card is slightly mottled and discoloured with age. I've yet to find any in this condition as yet, but I'll continue to look. But in the meantime I have been having fun with my flashcard collection......

Things we like at Rose Tinted Days
This would look great framed, like these from Design Sponge:

Number flashcards could make great table numbers for a wedding as seen here. Or creating an image for your thank you cards like this:
Image by Miller + Miller
From these:

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